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May 17, 2003 USA Albany, NY Pepsi Arena

01. Jam
02. By The Way
03. Scar Tissue
04. Around The World
05. Maybe (John)
06. Universally Speaking
07. Parallel Universe
08. Breaking The Girl
09. The Zephyr Song
10. Havana Affair
11. Throw Away Your Television
12. Otherside
13. Don't Forget Me
14. Right On Time
15. I Could Have Lied
16. Can't Stop
17. Californication
18. What Is Soul?
19. Give It Away

20. Under The Bridge
21. Me And My Friends




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By Shawn

What an experience last night was...unbelievable. Here's some things they said during the show:

"Let's all go swimming in the Hudson after this, we'll break the world record for skinny dipping." -Anthony

"This is the part of New York that rocks!" -Flea

"Feel free to come blow a load in my bed tonight after the show." -Flea

Me and my buddies had GA floor tickets so we got to the Pepsi Arena (which is a very cool arena I might add; the front is open so you can basically see inside from the street; I talked to someone after the show who watched the whole concert from outside of the venue, he could see in and the music was so loud that he could hear it perfectly even through the glass...awesome) around 4:45. We got in line and they let us in around 7. I was kinda heated that I never got a microphone for my md recorder because it would have been so easy to record it; they didn't even pat us down when they let us in. So we got in, grabbed a bite to eat, and sat down on the floor. I was just sitting there looking around imagining how rocking the place would be in a few hours when I looked to the side of the stage and saw Chad standing there talking to a crew member. I wanted to go over to him and talk to him w/ out having anyone notice him standing there because then he would have drawn a huge crowd. But I couldn't help it and I yelled out his name...but he didn't hear me. Eventually some dudes in a seated section on the side of stage noticed him and ran down to him and everyone noticed and a huge crowd gathered around him. By the time I managed to get up and go around to where he was he left.

I personally didn't enjoy Mars Volta that much. Queens was alright. It took the stage crew about 45 min. to set up....then the lights went out, and John, Flea, and Chad came walking onto the stage. I was standing on the left of the stage about 15 ft deep into the crowd. I could see Anthony standing behind the equipment in the back of the stage drinking water while the rest were jamming. Then they stopped the jam and he came out and they went into By The Way. It was such an awesome feeling and no matter how hard I try I don't think I'd be able to describe how awesome it was.

The show ended exactly at midnight. It was a 3 hr. car ride back home but it was cool. A lot of people from Massachusetts went to that show. We stopped at a rest stop in Mass around 1 o'clock in the morning and the place was packed w/ people who went to the show and had on all the shirts. Everyone was hootin' and hollerin' over how good the show was and they were singing the songs in the bathrooms.

As you can see, they played a pretty decent set. I'm glad they played Breaking the Girl and Havana Affair along w/ all the other regulars. However, I was hoping to hear Purple Stain or Warm Tape and Sir Psycho for the encore. But I can't complain, last night was one of the best nights of my life. I will probably write a more detailed review once it sinks in more. I'm still amazed how awesome it was and I'm trying to remember every little bit of it but I can't (so please let me know if you ever come across an audio or video bootleg of this show).

Anyways, I had a very good time and I absolutely cannot wait until I can see them again.