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1985 - Freaky Styley Tour

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
Hillel Slovak - Guitar
Cliff Martinez - Drums

Last updated 2014-09-15

Date Country City Venue


Note: In May they got into the studio to record what will probably remain as their funkiest and grooviest album, "Freaky Styley" (with Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton).

Jan ?? USA Huntington Harbour, CA Spatz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 3 USA Huntington Beach, CA The Golden Bear [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 5 USA Berkeley, CA Berkeley Square [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 7 USA San Francisco, CA The I-Beam [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 5 USA Newport Beach, CA Deja Vu [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar ?? USA Arizona Steakhouse Disco [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 1 USA Portland, OR Starry Night [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 4 USA Bellingham, WA Western Washington University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 27 USA Seattle, WA The Moore Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul ?? USA Hollywood, CA Anti Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 4 USA Los Angeles, CA Fender's Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 6 USA Palo Alto, CA The Keystone [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 8 USA Indianapolis, IN The Patio [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 18 USA Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 25 USA Los Angeles, CA The Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 26 USA Huntington Harbour, CA Spatz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug ?? United Kingdom London Dingwall's [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 17 Germany Goarshausen Rockpalast Open Air Loreley Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep ?? USA ? MusiCalifornia [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 6 USA Huntington Harbour, CA Spatz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 7 USA Huntington Harbour, CA Spatz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 12 USA Reseda, CA Country Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 13 USA San Diego, CA SDSU Open Air Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 14 USA Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 27 USA San Francisco, CA The Warfield Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 28 USA Hollywood, CA Hollywood Palladium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 28 USA Irvine, CA Crawford Hall Cancelled-[Comments]

Note: They started the "Infinity Tour" from early October to March 1986.

Oct ?? USA Pittsburgh, PA The Decade [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Austin, TX Steamboat Springs [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Louisville, KY Hugs [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Denver, CO Rainbow Music Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Gainesville, FL The Rathskeller [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Columbia, SC Striders Bar [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Phoenix, AZ Mason Jar [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct ?? USA Tuscon, AZ Boots [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 12 USA Palo Alto, CA The Keystone [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 13 USA Sacramento, CA Club Can't Tell [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 21 USA Minneapolis, MN First Avenue Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 23 USA Indianapolis, IN The Patio [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 25 USA Detroit, MI St. Andrew's Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 26 USA Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 28 USA Cleveland, OH Peabodys Down Under Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 31 USA New York City, NY The Ritz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov ?? USA Grand Rapids, MI Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov ?? USA Washington, DC 9:30 Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov ?? USA Birmingham, AL The Nick [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 5 USA Boston, MA Paradise Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 7 USA Philadelphia,PA The Chestnut Cabaret [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 8 USA Syracuse, NY The Lost Horizon [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 9 USA Buffalo, NY Tralfamadore Cafe [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 10 USA Rochester, NY Red Creek Inn [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 12 USA East Lansing, MI Rick's American Cafe [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 14 USA Cincinnati, OH Bogart's [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 15 USA Memphis, TN The Antenna Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 16 USA Richmond, VA Rockitz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 23 USA Atlanta, PA The 688 Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 26 USA Baton Rouge, LA LSU Cotillion Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 27 USA New Orleans, LA Jimmy's [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 29 USA Memphis, TN The Cannery/Roosters [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 30 USA Chattanooga, TN Nucleus Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec ?? USA Pittsburgh, PA The Graffitti [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 1 USA Memphis, TN The Antenna Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 7 USA Wichita, KS The Coyote Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 8 USA Oklahoma City, OK Quicksilvers [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 10 USA Dallas, TX Theatre Gallery [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 11 USA Houston, TX Rockefeller's [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 12 USA Austin, TX Liberty Lunch [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 14 USA Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 31 Canada Vancouver, BC Graceland [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: The shows below are unconfirmed and maybe not correct. If you can help us with any dates of these shows, we would appreciate it.

?? ?? USA Hollywood, CA The Dragonfly [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
?? ?? USA Petaluma, CA Phoenix Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
?? ?? USA Santa Barbara, CA La Casa De La Raza [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
?? ?? USA Hollywood, CA Fiesta House [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
?? ?? USA San Francisco, CA The Stone [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

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