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1990 - Mother's Milk Tour

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
John Frusciante - Guitar, backing vocals
Chad Smith - Drums
Keith "Tree" Barry - Horns
Kristen Vigard, Vicky Calhoun - Backing vocals

Last updated 2014-09-15

Date Country City Venue


Note: The shows below are unconfirmed and maybe not correct. If you can help us with any dates or venues of these shows, we would appreciate it.

?? ?? USA Hollywood, CA The China Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan ?? USA ?, KY Kentucky University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan ?? USA Chicago, IL Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan ?? USA Milwaukee, WI Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan ?? USA Cincinnati, OH Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 1 USA ?, MN Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Before a 4-dates Japanese tour they did a great TV appearance. If you have any other information about the Jan. 24, 25 and 27 shows, please let me know.

Jan 10 USA New York, NY Chelsea Television Studios (Michelob Presents Night Music) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 24 Japan Nagoya Nagoya Club Quattro [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 25 Japan Osaka Osaka Muse Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 26 Japan Kawasaki Club Citta [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 27 Japan Kawasaki Club Citta [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: The Great Expectorations Tour.

Feb ?? United Kingdom London Jonathan Ross Show [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 2 United Kingdom Sheffield Polytechnic [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 3 Scotland Glasgow Q.M.U. [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 5 Scotland Edinburgh Network [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 6 United Kingdom Newcastle Riverside Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 7 United Kingdom Leeds University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 9 United Kingdom Norwich U.E.A. [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 10 United Kingdom Portsmouth Polytechnic Student's Union [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 11 United Kingdom London Astoria [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 13 Belgium Gent Vooruit [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 14 Netherlands Hilversum Nozems A Go Go [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 14 Netherlands Tilburg Noorderligt [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 16 Netherlands Utrecht Tivoli [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 17 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 18 Netherlands Rotterdam Night Town [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 19 Germany Bonn Biskuithalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 21 Germany Hamburg Hamburg Docks [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 22 Germany Oberhausen Musik Circus [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 23 Germany Frankfurt Batschkapp [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 25 Germany Munchen Nachtwerk [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 26 Austria Vienna Das Z [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 28 Switzerland Zurich Rote Fabrik [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 1 France Lyon Transbordeur [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 2 France Besançon Le Cousty Bar [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 4 France Paris Elysee Montmartre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 5 Netherlands Geleen Hanenhof [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 7 United Kingdom Nottingham Nottingham Rock City [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 8 United Kingdom London Astoria [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: US Tour. Maybe Incomplete.

Mar ?? USA Orlando, FL Hard Rock Cafe (Save The Planet) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar ?? USA St Petersburg, FL The State Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 14 USA Daytona Beach, FL Texan Hotel [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 15 USA Daytona Beach, FL The Marriott Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 30 USA New York, NY Late Night [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 1 USA Baltimore, MD The 8x10 Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 18 USA Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Palladium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 20 USA Owings Mills, MD Painters Mill [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 21 USA Philadelphia, PA Irvine Auditorium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 23 USA Madison, NJ Baldwin Gym, Drew University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 26 USA New York City, NY The Ritz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 27 USA New York City, NY The Ritz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 28 USA Burlington, VT University of Vermont [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 29 USA Kingston, RI URI Keaney Gym [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May ?? USA New York City, NY The Roxy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 1 USA Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 2 USA Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 4 USA Waterbury, CT Palace Theater [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 6 USA Durham, NH University Of New Hampshire [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 25 USA Denver, CO Red Rocks [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 26 USA Salt Lake City, UT Park West [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 27 USA Austin, TX Auditorium Shores (Riverfest) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 29 USA Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 30 USA Houston, TX Sam Coliseum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 1 USA Phoenix, AZ Mesa Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: A few dates in Europe including the Pinkpop Festival.

Jun 4 Netherlands Landgraaf Pinkpop Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 6 United Kingdom London Brixton Academy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 7 United Kingdom Birmingham Hummingbird [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 8 United Kingdom Leeds University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 9 United Kingdom Manchester Apollo [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: The last dates of the tour. Probably incomplete.

Jun 16 USA Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 28 Denmark Roskilde Roskilde Festival Cancelled-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 21 USA Oakland, CA H.J.K. Convention Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 12 USA Hollywood, CA The Roxy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 27 USA Beverly Hills, CA The Colonel's Private Estate [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 7 USA Houston, TX The Unicorn [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 8 USA Austin, TX City Coliseum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 11 USA Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 23 USA Phoenix, AZ Unknown Venue [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 31 USA San Francisco, CA Civic Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Please help us out to make this list as complete as possible. Feel free to email us if there are any tour dates/setlists/reviews/... that aren't listed here.

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