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1999 - Californication Tour

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
John Frusciante- Guitar, backing vocals
Chad Smith - Drums

Last updated 2014-09-15

Date Country City Venue


Note: The "Stop The Hate" tour was a warm-up before the beginning of the Californication tour. The band played in several school auditoriums.

May 15 USA Portland, OR Roseland Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 16 USA Seattle, WA Moore Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 20 USA Minneapolis, MN First Avenue Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 22 USA Chicago, IL New World Music Theatre (Q101 Jamboree Festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 23 USA St. Louis, MO Riverport Amphitheatre (Pointfest 11) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 25 USA Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargo [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 27 USA Philadelphia, PA Theater of Living Arts [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 29 USA Baltimore, MD PSInet Stadium (HFStival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 30 USA Boston, MA Tweeter Center (WBCN River Rave) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: The "Californication" promotional tour lasted a couple of weeks. The band played a few secret gigs in tiny clubs as well as some TV shows.

Jun ?? United Kingdom London Top Of The Pops [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 2 Germany Hamburg Kulturfabrik Kampnagel [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 4 Sweden Stockholm Sodra Teatern [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 8 France Paris Elysee Montmartre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 9 France Paris Canal+ Studios [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 11 United Kingdom London TFI Friday [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 11 United Kingdom London Camden Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 14 Italy Milan MTV Sashimi [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: This was the actual start of the "Californication" tour. A few US venues and a lot of European festivals.

Jun 18 USA Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre (BFD Festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 19 USA Irvine, CA Meadows (KROQ Weenie Roast) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 25 USA Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Palladium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 22 Canada Toronto, ON Yonge Street [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jul 25 USA Rome, NY Griffiss Park (Woodstock 99) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 10 Canada Toronto, ON Edge 102 & The Blue Line [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 14 Russia Moscow Red Square [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 18 Austria Wiesen Wiesen Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 20 Germany Köln Butzweilerhof (Bizarre Festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 21 Denmark Copenhagen Club Denmark Hallen [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 22 Sweden Stockholm Probably 99 Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 25 France Nimes Arenes [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 26 France Paris Le Zenith [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 27 Belgium Hasselt Pukkelpop Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 29 United Kingdom Reading Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 30 United Kingdom Leeds Temple Newsam Park (Leeds Festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 4 Italy Verona Festival Bar TV [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 23 Canada Toronto, ON Much Music Video Awards [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 24 USA New York City, NY The Chris Rock Show (CBS Studio's) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Another tour including South America shows and European venues.

Oct 2 Chile Santiago Estacion Mapocho [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 3 Chile Santiago Estacion Mapocho [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 5 Argentina Buenos Aires Luna Park [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 6 Argentina Buenos Aires Luna Park [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 8 Brazil Sao Paulo CrediCard Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 11 Mexico Mexico City Sports Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 26 USA New York City, NY World Trade Center, 107th [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 29 Finland Helsinki Hartwall Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 30 Finland Helsinki Hartwall Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 1 Norway Oslo Spektrum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 3 Sweden Göthenberg Scandinavium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 4 Germany Hamburg Sportshalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 6 United Kingdom London Wembley Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 8 Germany Berlin Sportshalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 10 Netherlands Den Haag Statenhal [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 11 Germany Boblingen Sportshalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 13 Switzerland Zürich Hallen Stadium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 14 Italy Milan Forum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 16 France Paris Bercy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 18 France Bordeaux La Patinoire [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 19 Spain Barcelona Pavelló Olimpic De Badalona [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 21 Spain Madrid La Cubierta Bullring [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 22 Portugal Lisbon Pavilhao Atlantico [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 8 USA Las Vegas, NV Billboard Music Awards [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: West coast US tour.

Dec 26 USA San Diego, CA Cox Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 28 USA San Francisco, CA Cow Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 29 USA Sacramento, CA Arco Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 31 USA Inglewood, CA Great Western Forum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

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