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2003 - By The Way Tour

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
John Frusciante- Guitar, backing vocals
Chad Smith - Drums

Last updated 2014-09-15

Date Country City Venue


Note: First leg of the 2003 European "Deep in Your Steeze" Tour, supported by the Toilet Boys.

Jan 24 Portugal Lisboa Atlantic Pavillion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 25 Portugal Lisboa Atlantic Pavillion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 27 Spain Madrid Palacio Vistalegre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 28 Spain Madrid Palacio Vistalegre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 30 Italy Milan Filaforum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 31 Italy Milan Filaforum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 2 Italy Rome Palaeur [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 3 Italy Rome Palaeur [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 5 Italy Bologna Palamalaguti [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 7 Germany Dortmund Westfalenhalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 9 Germany Dresden Messehalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 10 Germany Berlin Velodrome [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 12 France Paris Bercy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 13 France Paris Bercy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 15 Germany Berlin International Congress Centrum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 16 Germany Stuttgart Schleyerhalle Cancelled-[Ticket]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Second leg of the 2003 "European Deep in Your Steeze Tour", supported by the Mars Volta.

Mar 5 Scotland Glasgow SECC [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 6 Scotland Glasgow SECC [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 8 United Kingdom London Docklands Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 9 United Kingdom London Docklands Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 11 United Kingdom Manchester Evening News Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 12 United Kingdom Manchester Evening News Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 14 Belgium Antwerpen Sportpaleis [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 16 Switzerland Zürich Hallenstadion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 17 Germany München Olympiahalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 19 Netherlands Rotterdam Ahoy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 20 Netherlands Rotterdam Ahoy [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 22 Germany Hamburg Colour Line Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 24 Finland Helsinki Hartwall Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 25 Finland Turku Elysée Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 27 Norway Oslo Spectrum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 29 Sweden Stockholm Globe [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: US Festival.

Apr 27 USA Indio, CA Coachella Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Leg 1 of the US tour. The Mars Volta and Queens of The Stone Age were the opening acts for this leg.

May 1 USA St.Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 2 USA Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 4 USA Omaha, NE Omaha Civic Auditorium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 5 USA Kansas City, MO Kemper Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 7 USA St. Louis, MO Savvis Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 9 USA Moline, IL Mark Of The Quad Cities [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 10 USA Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 12 Canada Ottawa, ON Corel Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 13 Canada Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 15 Canada Montreal, QC Bell Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 17 USA Albany, NY Pepsi Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 19 USA E.Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 20 USA New York City, NY Madison Square Garden [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Leg 2 of the US tour. The Mars Volta and Snoop Dog were the opening acts for this leg.

Jun 2 USA West Palm Beach, FL Coral Sky Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 3 USA Orlando, FL TD Waterhouse Centre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 5 USA Raleigh, NC Alltel Pavilion @ Walnut [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 6 USA Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 8 USA Atlanta, GA HiFi Buys Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 10 USA Shreveport, LA Century Tel Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 11 USA New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 13 USA San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 14 USA Houston, TX C.W. Mitchell Pavilion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 16 USA Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 18 USA Oklahoma City, OK The Ford Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 20 USA Denver, CO Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 21 USA Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: The Stuttgart show that was cancelled in February was rescheduled at this date.

Aug 13 Germany Stuttgart Schleyerhalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: 2003 Festivals shows.

Aug 16 United Kingdom Staffordshire Weston Park (V2003 festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 17 United Kingdom Chelmsford Hylands Park (V2003 festival) [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 19 Germany Berlin Wuhlheide [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 21 Germany Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 23 Ireland Meath Slane Castle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Aug 24 Scotland Glasgow Glasgow Green [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Leg 3 of the US tour. French Toast and Queens of The Stone Age were the opening acts for this leg.

Sep 6 USA Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 7 USA Holdel, NJ PNC Arts Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 9 USA Amherst, MA Mullins Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 10 USA Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 12 USA Camden, NJ Tweeter Center At The Water Front [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 13 USA Wantagh, NY Jones Beach [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 16 USA State College, PA Bryce Jordan Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 18 USA Auburn Hills, MI Palace of Auburn Hills [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 19 USA Tinley Park, IL Tweeter Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 21 USA Cuyahoga Falls, OH Blossom Music Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 22 USA Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 24 USA East Lansing, MI Breslin Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 25 USA Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Leg 4 of the US tour. Mike Watt and the Flaming Lips were the opening acts for this leg (Mike Watt was the only opening act for the Canada dates).

Oct 8 USA Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 9 USA Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavillion [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 11 USA Inglewood, CA Great Western Forum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 12 USA Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 14 USA San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 17 USA Oakland, CA Oakland Coliseum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 18 USA Sacramento, CA Arco Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 20 USA Portland, OR Memorial Coliseum [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 21 USA Seattle, WA Key Arena [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 23 Canada Vancouver, BC GM Place [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 26 Canada Edmonton Skyreach [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 27 Canada Calgary, AL Pengrowth [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Special benefit concert for the Warshaw Center For Prostate Cancer Research.

Nov 15 USA Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Palladium [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

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