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1988 - The Uplift Mofo Party Plan Tour

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
Hillel Slovak - Guitar (1/88 - 6/25/88 )
DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight - Guitar (9/88 - 10/88)
John Frusciante - Guitar (11/88)
Jack Irons - Drums (1/88 - 6/25/88 )
D.H Peligro - Drums (9/88 - 12/88)

Last updated 2014-09-15

Date Country City Venue


Note: This was the last tour with the original line-up and their first European tour. The band came back in L.A. in June 1988 and Hillel died on the 25th. John then joined the band in either September or October 1988 (see Sep. 17 and Oct. 8 shows for more). Chad joined in early 1989.

Jan ?? USA Los Angeles, CA The Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 20 USA Hollywood, CA Palomino Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jan 31 United Kingdom London Mean Fiddler [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 1 United Kingdom London Mean Fiddler [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 3 Germany Hamburg Markthalle [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 5 Germany Berlin The Loft [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 7 Germany Düsseldorf Junge Aktions Buhne [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 8 Germany Frankfurt Batschkapp [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 10 Switzerland Lausanne Dolce Vita [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 11 Switzerland Zurich Rote Fabrik [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 16 France Paris Rex Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 17 Belgium Brussels BRT Studios [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 17 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 18 Netherlands Eindhoven De Effenaar [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 19 Netherlands Utrecht Tivoli [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 20 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 21 United Kingdom London Klub Foot [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Feb 22 United Kingdom London Klub Foot [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: Before the 2nd European tour in May they did together with Fishbone and Thelonious Monster the Monsters Of Funk Tour.

Feb 24 USA New York City, NY The Ritz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 2 USA Washington, DC The Bayou [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 11 USA Los Angeles, CA CSU Northridge Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 12 USA Los Angeles, CA UC Crawford Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 14 USA San Diego, CA SDSU Montezuma Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Mar 27 USA Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr ?? USA Dallas, TX Club Clearview [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr ?? USA Amherst, MA UMass [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr ?? USA New York City, NY The Ritz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr ?? USA Philadelphia, PA Temple University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 2 USA Los Angeles, CA Raji's [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 5 USA Santa Barbara, CA UCSB University Center Pub [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 6 USA Sacramento, CA Danceteria [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 8 USA Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 9 USA San Francisco, CA The Fillmore [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 13 USA Kansas, MO KU Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 14 USA St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 15 USA Chicago, IL The Riviera [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 16 USA Milwaukee, WI Eagles Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 17 USA Madison, WI Headliners [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 18 USA Ann Arbor, MI Nectarine Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 22 USA New York, NY New York University [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 25 USA Nassau, NY Community College [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 26 USA Boston, MA The Channel [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 29 USA Passaic, NJ Capitol Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Apr 30 USA Syracuse, NY Walnut Park [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May ?? USA Pittsburgh, PA Graffiti Showcase [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May ?? USA Irvine, CA UC Irvine [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May ?? USA Charlotte, NC Park Elevator Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 1 USA Washington, DC The Bayou [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 4 USA Richmond, VA Rockitz [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 7 USA Atlanta, GA Metroplex [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 11 Mexico Tijuana, MX Rancho Grande [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 13 USA Los Angeles, CA The Palace [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: They started a 20-days Europe tour (including festivals) from May 17th.

May ?? United Kingdom London Jonathan Ross Show [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 19 United Kingdom Manchester International [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 20 United Kingdom Leicester Polytechnic [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 21 United Kingdom London Camden Electric Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 23 Netherlands Landgraaf Pinkpop Festival [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
May 29 Germany Bielefeld PC69 [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 1 Denmark Copenhagen Musikcafe'n [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 2 Norway Oslo Sardines [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Jun 4 Finland Seinäjoki Provinssi Rockfest [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

Note: US tour with a new line-up: D.H. Peligro on drums and first McKnight on guitar then John Frusciante. McKnight supposedly did 3 shows with the Peppers: Alcohol Salad, Palo Alto and Oakland. He was then fired.

Sep ?? USA Los Angeles, CA Alcohol Salad [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep ?? USA Palo Alto, CA The Keystone? [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep ?? USA ? 2HIP4TV [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 6 USA Santa Clara, CA One Step Beyond [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 7 USA Oakland, CA The Omni [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Sep 17 USA Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford Theater Cancelled-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 5 USA Tempe, AZ Six Feet Under [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 8 USA Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford Theater [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 9 USA Columbus, OH Octoke Gym [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 13 USA Isla Vista, CA The Graduate [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Oct 31 USA Boulder, CO Glenn Miller Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov ?? USA Albany, NY The QE2 Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 8 USA Pittsburgh, PA The Graffiti Showcase [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 9 USA Salt Lake City, UT Olpin Union Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 11 USA Boulder, CO University Memorial Center [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 15 USA Omaha, NE The Ranch Bowl [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 16 USA Minneapolis, MN First Avenue Club [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 18 USA Chicago, IL The Metro [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 19 USA Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 25 USA Los Angeles, CA The Victoria Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Nov 26 USA Long Beach, CA Cal. State Multipurpose Room [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 29 USA Seattle, WA The Moore Theater Cancelled-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 30 Canada Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]
Dec 31 USA Portland, OR Pine St Theatre [Ticket]-[Setlist]-[Reviews]-[Pics]-[Comments]

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