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Jan 24, 2003 Portugal Lisboa Atlantic Pavillion

Support Act: The Toilet Boys

01. Intro Jam
02. By The Way
03. Around The World
04. Scar Tissue
05. Suck My Kiss
06. Universally Speaking
07. Can't Stop
08. Maybe (John)
09. Right On Time
10. Purple Stain
11. The Zephyr Song
12. Otherside
13. Warm Tape
14. Parallel Universe
15. I Could Have Lied
16. Californication
17. Give It Away

18. Chad Drums Solo
19. Under The Bridge
20. Me And My Friends





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By Psychosex (mailto:crtom@hotmail.com)

Saw them live last night here in Lisboa. The Toilet Boys sucked. It's a mix of metal and punk. They were boring. Their songs sounded all the same. Almost everyone was looking at them and thinking "wtf!". Today i'm deaf because of them.
During their set the Red Hot appeared discretly between their amps looking at their show and laughing and saying that we should look at Toilet Boys and not them (i think) but not everybody noticed their presence. The rhcp show was a good show but not exceptional and practly without any jam. It was ok.
John played well but didnt seem very happy and interested about the show. You could tell that. He looked fed up. I was right in front of him (i think he looked at me lol). Flea was dressed with a skeletor suit.
Their intro was really cool with Chad, Flea and John. Great hard-rock jam in a Hendrix style. You could immediatly notice the huge gap in musical quality between the 2 bands.
People seemed to be much more excited about BTW songs and their major hits but didnt jump around much with heavier songs like "Suck My Kiss" and "Me And My Friends".
John played great solos though! I wasn't disappointed but neither very happy. I was just expecting some more improvisation. It's not that i think BTW is shit. It's just that it doesnt excite me.
John played Warm Tape on his knees. He used the synth for the parts where you hear it in the song on the album and when it was time to put the guitar part he would play guitar. Just simple as that. It was a black suit painted with bones! classic.
It was also funny to see John dancing in the parts where you only hear the drums in "Give It Away" right before the 2nd solo. He looked as if he was in a dancing club. I've already seen him dancing in weird ways but not like that. He was really dancing that's what i mean.