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Dec 3, 2002 Australia Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Support Act: Quirk

01. By The Way
02. Scar Tissue
03. Around The World
04. Tiny Dancer (John)
05. Universally Speaking
06. Suck My Kiss
07. The Zephyr Song
08. If You Have To Ask
09. Otherside
10. Can't Stop
11. London Calling (Intro) / Right On Time
12. Don't Forget Me
13. Soul To Squeeze
14. Latest Disgrace (Intro) / Parallel Universe
15. Californication
16. Venice Queen
17. Give It Away

18. Under The Bridge
19. Me And My Friends




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By Billy

- The gig was shifted from Hindmarsh Stadium to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
Apparently, Hindmarsh Stadiums roof partially collapsed, and the crew had to work through the night to get the new venue ready on time. Anthony gave them a shout-out near the end of the set. I was led to believe that there would be two opening acts: Quirk (an Australian band, i think. i have never heard of them) and Papa Roach. Papa Roach simply werent there, and no explanation was offered. The Entertainment Centre has a large floor space, with balcony seating around the sides and the stage at one end. The floor was barricaded off about a third of the way along, presumably to separate the "chili bowl" from the general admission. How it ended up was that *only* "chili bowl" ticket-holders could get on the floor, and everyone else - including a lot of "chili bowl"-ers - had to go in the balconies. This was extremely unpopular.
Quirk played for about a half hour. I'd have to say that they were obviously influenced by the Chili Peppers, and while the bowl remained pretty well motionless the whole time, they were fairly well received.
Pretty sure that's all the songs, but the order in the middle is probably all wrong. Have to say, i found the encore somewhat disappointing. Two songs?!? those specific two songs?!? an encore?!?! i don't think so...
On the whole, the band played great. There were several little jams all throughout, and the visuals on the screen behind were good (typical concert visuals - flames, dancing girls, cartoon snippets - mixed with live camera feeds, with fairly professional editing and some split screen effects).
Anthony wasnt miked very well. During "Right On Time" in particular, John's vocals almost completely drowned him out.
During "Parallel Universe" and "Under The Bridge" (and maybe more, possibly "Californication"), John went right over to the far side of the stage, and played to the people seated near there, who would have had a pretty poor view otherwise.
When they re-emerged for the encore (Chad doing a drum solo before the rest came back), Flea walked back on his hands, and managed to stay like it for a good two minutes.
John played his gretsch white falcon for "Otherside" and "Californication", a telecaster for "Around The World"
(and maybe others, but i don't think so), and his usual stratocaster for everything else.
Part way through "Venice Queen", he switched to an acoustic that had been brought out and placed on a stand at playing height for him.
Flea also changed bases from time to time.
Chad wore a bandana or backwards cap (dark blue), a yellow sleeveless t-shirt and green pants. Anthony had calf-length dark shorts with red stripes down the sides, and briefly a dark long-sleeve t-shirt. Flea wore an orange beanie until "Give It Away", red boots and his underpants, and had a short mohawk. John wore long grey pants, a long sleeve white top with the dark blue adidas t-shirt over the top.
And have i mentioned the gorgeous girls in the audience all around? hubba hubba!