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Oct 16, 2002 Argentina Buenos Aires River Plate Stadium

01. By The Way
02. Scar Tissue
03. Around The World
04. Universally Speaking
05. Otherside
06. Suck My Kiss
07. Don't Forget Me
08. Havana Affair
09. Parallel Universe
10. The Zephyr Song
11. Right On Time
12. I Could Have Lied
13. Can't Stop
14. Californication
15. Venice Queen
16. Give It Away

17. Under The Bridge
18. Search And Destroy/Long Jam





Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [2]Comments)
by Freaky Frank

I went to the stadium almost a day before. I was one of the first in the row and the FIRST PERSON TO ENTER THE STADIUM!!!
There were like 20 blocks of people to enter the bowl part! There were some problems with the entrance and the police started to push people. I waited for 6 hours inside the stadium with all the people behind me, almost killing me! There where like 65,000 people....amazing! you could see people everywhere, no spaces!
When the show started we all went crazy, Flea and Anthony had to stop some songs because it was such an amount of people that we were almost dying. So they asked for peace to continue with the show. Flea was in front of me, so close i couldnt believe it! HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!
They played "Suck My Kiss" and that was probably the most powerful song of the night. After "Universally Speaking", they dedicated a song for Diego Maradona, it was "Otherside". They also made a long intro for "Californication" and played "Venice Queen" where John changed to an acoustic guitar. Finally Anthony dedicated a song for Flea (it was his birthday) and they played "Give It Away", when they finished the crowd sang the happy birthday for him.
After the encore, Chad entered with the Argentinian football jersey and Flea walking with his hands! It was very funny.
The first song after the encore was "Under The Bridge", and the stadium was full of lights on. Then Flea started playing the intro of "Me And My Friends" but they changed and played "Search And Destroy" with a long final jam.
The first part of the show i was in front of Flea and after "Give It Away" i went in front of John, just 2 meters from him! At the end of the show i stayed to wait for a drumstick or something, and i was very lucky. I saw a drumstick flying and when it started falling i caught it!!!! but with 5 more guys, so i only took a little part of it.