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Jul 10, 2002 USA Atlanta, GA Dekalb Civic Center

01. By The Way
02. Around The World
03. Scar Tissue
04. Universally Speaking
05. Dosed (?)
06. Don't Forget Me
07. Parallel Universe
08. Can't Stop
09. Otherside
10. Californication
11. Throw Away Your Television
12. Venice Queen
13. Me And My Friends

14. Under The Bridge
15. Right On Time
16. Search and Destroy/Long Jam



A private show for fan club members. Tix could also be won through contests. I think they did "I Could Die For You" instead of "Dosed" (It is more likely they did this song rather than the other as they did it at all the previous shows. Also it says in the first review they did "I Could Die For You"). Please let me know if you are the person who wrote the second review since I could not find your name back.


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By Chuck (Calex30092@aol.com)

The venue was originally the Tabernacle, but it was moved to the Dekalb Civic Center.
If I remember correctly, John started to play "I Could Have Lied" right before "I Could Die For You" before Anthony stopped him. I guess he misread the setlist. And Flea left the stage after "Right On Time" thinking that it was the closer before the rest of the band called him back.
The show ended with a jam by John and Flea.
The show was free, but you had to win the tickets from the radio (it was a radio station called 99x's 10th anniversary).

By ?

This was a free concert given by 99x in Atlanta due to their 10th anniversary on air. They were handing out pairs of tickets to the first 40 people at Cingular Wireless locations around Atlanta. I camped out the first night from 1am to 12 noon the next morning to get a pair. Soon I would know how worth it this was. The concert was originally scheduled for the Tabernacle, but due to a leaking sprinkler system it was moved to the Dekalb/Atlanta Center and the time was changed from 8pm to 10pm. I waited outside from 5pm to 9:30pm when the doors opened. I got front row right in front of Flea's mic on the left side (where he is every show and I planned to be in front of him). They came out at 10:30 after 99x introduced all the staff (who cares, 99x blows). THE CHILI PEPPERS WERE INCREDIBLE. This was the best show I have ever been to. It was a lot better then this show I went to on 6/8/00. Flea made a comment about how much he loves skunks and even though they smell, he loves the smell. He also made fun of some guy who tried to get him to move next to Anthony for a picture. They had a few mic problems and Anthony had to end up telling them to turn his mic up. John accidentilly started playing another song and the three other shot him a weird look. I laughed. Chad Smith threw me a drumstick. He looked and asked if I was ready and then bounced it off the stage to me. It hit me and fell to the ground, but the security guard gave it to me because he knew that Chad intended it for me. It says Chad Smith's Funkblaster on the stick. He also threw me his blue PUMA wristband. Man the wristband smelled musty. By far the best show I have ever been to time - 1.5 Hours.