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Jun 29, 2002 Belgium Werchter Werchter Festival

01. By The Way
02. Scar Tissue
03. Around The World
04. Universally Speaking
05. Otherside
06. Give It Away
07. Soul To Squeeze
08. Parallel Universe
09. Right On Time
10. Fox On The Run (John)
11. Don't Forget Me
12. I Could Have Lied
13. Californication
14. Can't Stop
15. Me And My Friends

16. Under The Bridge
17. The Power Of Equality




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By Esther (twiggy_86@hotmail.com)

manmanman, this was such an awesome show i was so nervous that i finally got to see them and then there they finally were!!!!
Okay, i don't remember the exact setlist but they started with "By The Way", then played "Scar Tissue" and then "Around The World". After that i just can't remember in which order they played but they also did "Give It Away" (man i freaked OUT), "Otherside", "Californication", "Can't Stop" (so funky), a new song from which i don't know the name but it was really cool, with a pretty hard chorus and very cool guitar part, "Soul To Squeeze", "Right On Time", "Parallel Universe", "I Could Have Lied" and the last song was "Me And My Friends", which made me sooooooooooooo happy cuz i really wanted them to play that song cause it rocks so much.
In the middle of the concert Ant went to the back of the stage and John did a cover. It was a really famous pop song but i just can't remember what it's name is, but it rocked. It was really strange without Ant to see John, Chad and Flea play alone but it was really great.
They also did an encore: "Under The Bridge" and "The Power Of Equality". Ant and John's vocals were stunning, really beautiful, way better than during the Cali tour. John had a lot of energy and moved around the stage all the time and he shook his head alot which looked funny. When they played UTB, John and Ant sat at the edge of the stage with their legs near the audience, so great!!!!!
They talked a lot, especially Flea who said freaky things all the time.
After a few songs he went up to the mic and said : "I just want you to know, that today, i have hairy nipples". Near the end he started yelling in the mic: "bebebebebebebebebebebebebebebebebeeeeeeeeeeeelgium we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
In a tent near the main stage some DJ also played and you could here it there also and Ant said that it was like two painters who make a painting together, they make music at the same time and it would be a ball of sounds floating thru the space or something like that.
John said: "First they all would say we wouldnt play any soft songs because of the other music, but we are, i just ask you to be very attentive and concentrate on our songs."
John did a lot of impro during the songs and the intros were jams, which was nice. It was such an awesome show, they all rocked our brains out, they were so happy to play together and we were happy to see them play.....