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Aug 25, 1999 France Nimes Arenes

Support Acts: Jah Wobble & Silverchair

01. Around The World
02. Give It Away
03. Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire (John)
04. Scar Tissue
05. My Lovely Man
06. Savior
07. I Like Dirt
08. Soul To Squeeze
09. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
10. If You Have To Ask
11. Right On Time
12. Under The Bridge
13. Me And My Friends

14. Sir Psycho Sexy
15. The Power Of Equality




They also did those songs during the soundcheck: "Ocean Size", "Parallel Universe", "Green Heaven", "Police Helicopter" and "Give It Away".


Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [0]Comments)
By Skinny

It was actually the first time I got to see them though I have known the band for years.
The crowd didnt really enjoy the Jah Wobble set (Flea talked about it in one of his Flea mails).
Silverchair opening set was a very exciting moment. These guys are full of energy which was a good warm-up before the Chili Peppers came on stage.
I remember John came first and he had a big smile on his face. I was really happy to see him like that because he seemed to really enjoy the moment.
The show was insane. Very classic setlist though. But "Savior" was a good surprise because I did not expect to see them play it. At a moment, Flea played an hilarious cover of "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by french singer Plastic Bertrand. I wish Anthony had talked more to the crowd though. After 13 songs, they came back on stage for a two songs encore which was full of energy. Then they left after Flea thanked us many times for coming. Most people were disapointed they hadnt played longer. That was one of the worst crowds I had ever seen. Most people only knew songs from Californication, that was too bad.
Anyway, I think that was a great show though a lot of people didnt think exactly like me. Hopefully a better crowd next time I see them.

By Jessy (jessy.proquin@legrand.fr) - (Sorry for the french, I will translate it as soon as I have more time)

Du soleil, 2 ou 3 gouttes de flotte qui sont tombées avant le concert mais même pas de quoi rafraîchir et un concert d'enfer!!!
Ce qui m'a impressionné (mise à part la prestation des rhcp bien évidemment), c'est ce son magnifique qui tournait dans l'arêne et qui remontait vers le ciel, une grosse impression d'être soulevé de terre (peut-être l'émotion ou la magie du moment...).
Le concert qui était très bien était tout de même un peu court (1h15 si je me souviens bien). Et la partie délirante de ce concert: la poussière qui sortait de l'arêne et qui montait: terrible.