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Apr 12, 1996 USA Seattle, WA Key Arena

Support Acts: Toadies & Weapon Of Choice

01. Give It Away
02. Suck My Kiss
03. Walkabout
04. Warped / Three Days (Tease)
05. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
06. My Friends
07. Heroin (Dave)
08. Higher Ground
09. Backwoods
10. Pea
11. Coffee Shop
12. Aeroplane
13. One Big Mob
14. Under The Bridge
15. Spiritual (Flea)
16. Me And My Friends

17. Deep Kick
18. Suffragette City





Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [0]Comments)
By Steve Whitson(swhitson@highcc.ctc.edu)

1st Act: Weapon of Choice (7:30 to 8:00)

Hyperspice and some other songs I didn't recognize. I was disappointed personally as I had seen them before in a small club where they played for 3 hours and rocked the place! I just don't think they are a stadium band. Plus it probably helped that I saw them when Arik Marshall was playing in Trulio Discracias, one of the many incarnations of the band that night. Arik's brother is the guitarist for WoC I think...

2nd Act: The Toadies (8:20 to 8:45?)

They have a very interesting sound and I like their hits alot, but they tend to sound the same at times. The Talking Heads cover I didn't recognize but was cool! I started out in the pit before they hit the stage and didn't leave until after the encore of the RHCP! I was surprised at how the Toadies looked as I'd never seen them before. The lead singer looked like a frat boy, which surprised me but at the same time I thought it was cool. Another band of regular joes that are making it bigtime. I hope they can get more of the songs to sound unique in the future though I still liked them a lot. I prefer them to Silverchair BIGTIME! ;D

Headliners: Red Hot Chili Peppers (9:20 to 10:40?)

After the end of the Toadies show I had worked my way up to about 5 feet away from the crowd barrier of the stage. For the next 30 minutes or so was the worst time for being in the crowd! The crowd got restless and was pushing around as is usual when they get restless. The roadies set up the stage and were hanging all sorts of lights and antique style lamps. Kind of a cool look to it. At one point there was a HUGE disco globe that was being hung up. It had to be at least 6 feet across or more! It fell from the rafters and luckily there was a distance between the crowd barrier and the stage because there would have been some SERIOUSLY hurt fans otherwise! I was about 15 feet from where it landed. Well anyways on to the show.

There were cameras there recording the show. I'm hoping for a full length concert release ala "Sex Funk Live from Heaven". I've heard that it was for a documentary type of video, ala "Funky Monks" though with live footage instead maybe mixed in with backstage and bus footage? I can't wait to see that when it comes out!

They started out with "Give it Away" without the "Grand Pappy Du Plenty" intro that they seem to have favored in the past. I called this as the first song since they seem to have opened every new show with Dave almost with this song. They went into a brief "Behind the Sun" tease that was only instrumental. I wish they would have played the whole song, especially since its one of Dave's favorites.

"Warped" was cool with the "Three Days" ending!!!! That made the whole song for me! "Walkabout" is ALWAYS cool! The guitar tone on "BSSM" absolutely ruled! "My Friends" was cool but I prefer it done acoustically instead of on the Parker guitar, it was still cool though, especially with the seque into Dave playing and sing "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground!

"Higher Ground" was the craziest part of the crowd moshing of the show I think! "Backwoods" was one I was wanting to hear BADLY! (Speaking of it came on just now as I was recording a concert tape for someone!)

"Pea" was cool and seems to be a new crowd favorite, I love the punk rock ending where everyone in the band joins in ala Woodstock '94 and Reading Festival '94. "Coffee Shop" was cool.

"Aeroplane" was a guaranteed crowd pleaser, especially since it was at the peak of its airplay when they came to town. "One Big Mob" was cool and had the whole crowd singing it seemed like. I was going nuts in the crowd when it gets to that throbbing bass line part in the Jane's like instrumental break before coming back into the song. (Pogo!!!)

"Under the Bridge" was cooler than I thought it'd be. Dave's riffing was perfect, and I also imagined Jimi Hendrix throwing some riffs in there as well. I had three different guitar parts going on in my head! (John's, Dave's, and Jimi's if he'd done it...) It segued into Flea doing a "Pea" like song intro that was about not wanting to die alone. "I want to be with my friends" then segues into "Me & My Friends"!!!

There was a slight break then the 15,000 plus brought 'em back for an encore. I met one of my best friends from High School that was a fellow Pepper fan that I hadn't seen in almost 2 years. What a surprise, especially since we ran into each other in the crowd on the floor!!!!

I was hoping for a Hendrix song or two in the set as they are professed Jimi freaks as am I. No such luck though. "Deep Kick" was interesting but I could have thought of better songs to have put in its place. "Suffragette City" by David Bowie absolutely rocked though!

All in all a very good show considering it was $30!!!! I almost didn't go because of the price and the crappy opening act that was originally announced, but it was one of the best moments physically, emotionally, and spiritually of my concert going career (and I've been to my share of shows!)