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Nov 16, 1991 USA New York City, NY RoseLand

Support Acts: Pearl Jam & The Smashing Pumpkins

Setlist incomplete
Suck My Kiss
Give It Away
Subway To Venus
Party On Your Pussy
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Anarchy In The U.K.
Higher Ground
They're Red Hot




Fourth night at The RoseLand in New-York City.


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By Dominik (arthfather@web.de)

As the enclosebrake comes to its end the thermometer climbs at least 10 degrees higher. Even VIP- guests like Matt Dillon and Sean Lennon leave the lounge and dart as black shadows through the hall, followed by autograph hunters and intensive whispering. But they are soon gone because tare! tare! - the Chili Peppers enter the stage. Still in darkness- supported by hysterical shouts out of the arena - Chad the drummer starts to work on the pedals of his bass-drum. The noise of the audience gets bigger as bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante join in and become Beatles-like ululations as singer Anthony Kiedis comes in at the front stage entrance followed by the bit head-lamps. Wraped up in black biker-rider-shorts with silver sidestripes and a hand across the crotch, a wollhat and sunglasses, Anthony does an unspeakable grimace and shows a couple of his inimitable contortions, before he begins to sing the very first notes of "Suck My Kiss". There is nothing better than the Chili Peppers live. The uncountable imitators can probably manage to the same groove, or reach the voice of Anthony Kiedis or nearly the brilliance of Flea, but none reaches the grade of their performance. On this evening the Chili Peppers are an invincible group, which conquers New York today and tomorrow the whole world. Flea's fingers rush up and down the bass-neck while Frusciante drives away the demons of the night by doning psychadelic Hendrix-Style sounds. Smith hammers unperturbed in his drums and so the Chili Peppers do an impressive set through old and new material. At the infective grooves of "Give It Away", the spirit in the band gets crazy, Kiedis loses his hat and sunglasses and twirls his long hair back and forth with his special contortion over the stage. Enough? Not for the Chili Peppers! Except a perfect stageshow they show remarkable ability by not playing the songs note by note but they extemporize all the time. In between time Kiedis and Co. rock through desired classics like "Subway To Venus" or "Party On Your Pussy". The new album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" doesnt come off badly and on the title track Kiedis insists on presenting his man beauty (cock). Yes we know your have the biggest!! Right after that they play an A-Capella version of "Anarchy In The U.K.". Then they show once again all their ability by playing the wonderful Stevie Wonder cover "Higher Ground". After the second encore the Chili Peppers conclude the night with "They're Red Hot" and as its last notes die away, hundreds of hungry eyes look at the stage saying MORE! MORE!