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Nov 15, 1989 USA Baltimore, MD Godfrey's Famous Ballroom

Support acts : Young Fresh Fellows and Monkey Spank

Setlist unknown



They were supposed to play at Studio 10 (formerly Cignal) around the corner, but at the last minute Studio 10 couldn't get a temporary liquor license. Everyone was waiting outside for what seemed like forever...when the powers that be finally decided to move the show down the street to Godfreys. All the credits goes out for Wendy with the correct venue info and her pictures.


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By Wendy
Here's the story of these pictures... I got caught in the the pit and I fell, ended up with a bloody lip. Since I was closer to the stage than I was to the back of the crowd i pushed forward to get some air and to assess the damage to my face. Flea saw me and imediately pulled me up onto the stage and sat me down to the side. I took a whole roll of pictures of the band playing, they were so nice. After the show they invited me to go with them to eat. Flea fed me red beans & rice.