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Nov ??, 1988 USA Albany, NY The QE2 Club

Setlist Unknown




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By Ted S.

I WAS AT THIS SHOW!!..... This is a serious piece of history for myself and the Peppers. It's also a very nice piece of my past to share with my kids, now they are 16, 17, musicians and Peppers fans. That day (I don't remember the date) A student at Albany State U, my roommate tells me there's a good band playing tonight @ QE2..... some guys called "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" (never heard of them) ...... me and my cuz, throw down a few drinks and head over, i don't know, late in the evening. We walk into a very empty bar (could have been early am for all I remember) and hear some really sweet funk. Musicians ourselves, we start boppin over to the stage where the band is in, I think it was, diapers? OK .... We light up a Camel and gravitate over to Flea who's got fire in his pants and slappin like no one I've ever seen (I've seen legends .. Mingus, Clarke...) Well, we're groovin because we got the place to ourselves, we got a few bucks in our pocket, a buzz and a great band. Flea knows we're lovin him, so he shows his affection with his middle finger...... our kind of guy!!! So we reciprocate. So he spits at us ... we dodge the luger, but we refrain from sending back the love cause we don't want to get thrown out. IT'S ALL GOOD..... we know we got it made. In retrospect, I don't know who was on drums or guitar. Anthony was up front, of course. GREAT TUNES! Uplift Mofo ... Sweet stuff!!! After the show, we headed outside and met John (I think) from Huntington Beach... the roady. Just the three of us, we smoke some butts and we borrow the skateboards and spray paint from the U Haul and start skating up and down the street. We wound up painting a giant red chili pepper ... I mean 10 feet long ... in the middle of the street. We helped John load a few pieces of equipment. Kiedis finally came out (maybe others) and handed us a few Chili Peppers stickers from the truck. After we hung for a few minutes, we left and as soon as we did, the fuzz showed and wanted to bust us for painting in the street. Don't ask me why they didn't take us in ..... but they didn't. Can't remember much else, but this is 100% accurate. It would be really cool if one of the gang remembers and can give feedback to this story. I've wanting for years to send this story to Da Peps just to see if they remember this gig and my story. My sons Teddy and Mikey just bought an original Mothers Milk poster from the CD release and would love it signed someday if possible. Well, after that day, RHCP were forever a band we knew A LOT about. Man, what a tear you guys went on. Since I fell in love with Jimi, back in the 70's there's never been a band I've loved as much since.... (Froosh will be missed)