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Oct 8, 1988 USA Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford Theater

01. Out In L.A.
02. Backwoods
Green Heaven tease
Police Helicopter
Subway To Venus tease



According to some sources, this was John's first show with the Peppers but a few days before he already played a gig. They started the show dressed up as super heroes, Flea-Shazam, Anthony-Tin man, John - superman, and DH bumble bee, later on in the show Anthony climbs a 50 foot service ladder and performs Police Helicopter there.


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By skinnysweatyman from the bbs forum

I was also, lucky to see John's first show with them. It was at the John Anson Ford theater in Hollywood. 1988 I think. He was great. This was when D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys played drums for them. I think this was 1 of only 2 or 3 shows he ever played with them. D.H. was good, but John was the one who stood out, he had a long mohawk that made him look like a tribal warrior. He was so energetic and funky! It was very cool. They played all the classics.