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Feb 24, 1988 USA New York City, NY The Ritz

Setlist Unknown




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By Davide

The concert I saw from them was at a place called The Ritz on 13th Street between Broadway and 3rd Ave. I don't remember the name of the opening band. It's an old renovated Opera House. We got in early and paid extra for seats up top to look. Mostly you can't sit at that place unless you pay extra and get there early. I was there with a wild friend of mine Michael Hunter. He's a short guy but build like a Brick Building. And he's really something of a Comedian. We used to party together all the time back in those days.

So I'm sitting with Mike up in the Terrace zone…and these girls come over and sit down at our table also….They had reservations but we didn't need them then. It turns out that the girls were with 10,000 Maniacs. I never liked them back then and only a little now. They were true bitches anyway.

So the RHCP's come on and start up….it was truly amazing. Nothing quite like them at the time. White Boy Funk. People down on the floor were just wild. Remember this was Mannhattan and we still loved the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.

They didn't have a huge amount of songs I remember that. But the energy they let fly was just stupendous. Flea was an absolute MadMan. Anthony was Mr. Charisma.

So at the end of it they took a quick break…then they come out wearing nothing but Socks on their Cocks. No Shit. People were screaming and going to Riot. Many many Skinhead there but not the Nazi type. They started all slam dancing in a mosh pit that I would not even get close to. We were lucky to be upstairs with seats and able to look down on all the action. So after they finished the last 3 songs for the Encore then left…then Flea came Half way out of the curtain and threw his CockSock into the audience. People were crazy.