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Mar 16, 1984 USA Los Angeles, CA KTTV Studios (Thicke Of The Night)

01. Get Up And Jump
02. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes



They played two songs at the Alan Thicke show at KTTV Studios. "Thicke of the Night" was a ninety-minute syndicated TV talk show, created to compete against that powerhouse of late-night television, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Singer-comedian Alan Thicke, who had hosted a successful talk-variety progam on Canadian TV was chosen to go up against Carson. "Thicke of the Night" lasted from Sept 5, 1983 to June 15, 1984.


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By Davide

RHCP. wow. that was some years ago. 1st time I ever saw them was on a late night show called "Thick of the Night" hosted by a guy named Allan Thick. He was great. Don't really know why his show didn't last. So about the middle of the show the RHCP come into the studio. This was hilarious. Dressed in only the underwear and not walking. They came in doing "forward rolls". Yes half naked and "rolling" into the studio. It was impressive.
So then they started to play. Holy Shit.
I was absolutely blown away. This was music from the first album. 1st one was (I don't remember the name) "Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' alone...". you know it. The 2nd song later was Police Helicopter. I was totally loving them.
Ok so after they rolled off the stage as well.