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Aug 17, 1983 USA Universal City, CA Universal Amphitheater

Headliner: Oingo Boingo

Setlist unknown



In Anthony's Autobiography Scar Tissue, he writes about opening up for Oingo Boingo on page 125: "...I had other things to attend to, one of which was opening up for Oingo Boingo at the Universal Amphitheater. Oingo Boingo had come up from the same club scene we were in, and they'd just kept going. They weren't our favorite band in the world, but they had some interesting instrumentation. We knew their trumpet player, and he offered us the opening slot for their big show. Here we were with no record deal, a ten-song repertoire, and we were going from playing in a club before two hundred people to playing to an audience of four thousand. We went out onstage that night wearing our weirdest clothes. Right in the middle of the first song, Flea broke a bass string. suddenly, it was crickets time, and I had to talk to the audience while Flea changed his string. Withing seconds, the crowd was booing and throwing stuff at us, chanting, "We want Oingo Boingo." But it was combustible material for getting the energy going. We started in again, and Flea was so wound up that he broke another string. At this point, Danny Elfman, who was the lead singer of Oingo Boingo and also a fan of ours, strolled onstage wearing a bathrobe and with a face full of shaving cream, as if he was coming straight from his dressing room. He took the mike and told the crowd that he really liked us and they should be respectful, and then he left, but the few unruly guys in the crowd didn't heed his endorsement. We soldiered on and got cooking, and by the time we were finished, I think we let them know that we were for real and that they had just been hit with something they wouldn't soon forget."


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By skinnysweatyman from the bbs forum

The first time I saw them was purely by accident. In 1984, actually I think it was 1983, only it was with Jack Sherman on guitar, they were the opening band for Oingo Boingo at the Universal Amphitheater. Sad to say they were bored in the beginning. For some reason people were yelling, "go back to New York"!!, I was not one of them. I thought they were amazing. Anthony came out with a bandana on his head and a trench coat. He looked like little Steven from Bruce Springsteen's Band (maybe explains the New York remark). Anyway, half way into there set he took off the Bandana and coat and he had the long hair and the muscles. In fact all of them had there shirts off and they were all ripped. I don't think anyone in the crowd had seen anything like it before. They were all over the stage, I had never seen so much energy at a show in my life. By the end of their set, the crowd was into it! They hadnt released there first record yet and I was already hooked!