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Feb 17, 1983 USA Hollywood, CA Rhythm Lounge @ Grandia Room

Out In L.A.



The first gig as "Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem" with only one song, "Out In L.A.". This was a one-time opening act for Gary Allen from Neighbor's Voices. In a MTV interview with Anthony he said that he and Flea where pretty sure about the date february 13 which was on a sunday, but in the official published book, "an Oral Visual History", Flea and Gary Allen discuss the thursday night at the Rhythm Lounge which should make it february 10 or 17. Flea made a comment on a gig with Fear he played with at feb.4 that this was just before the red hots. While the timeline in the book states that it was on january 6 wich was also thursday. In the autobiography by Blackie Dammet "Lords of the Sunset Strip", he writes: the Grandia Room on Melrose was by day and most nights an unpretentious pub but one night a week they turned it into the Rhythm Lounge wich booked cabaret artists and underground bands to perform on a tiny platform. Cheap became priceless on that memorableThursday night in February 1983 when the dynamics of music changed dramatically and altered the balance of the L.A. scene. The third show was at the Cathay de Grande on March 5, 1983. This makes it all pretty sure that it all happened on a thursday night but the exact date of this memorable one song gig is still not confirmed.


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