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Dec 7, 2006 Austria Vienna Stadthalle

Support act : Mike Watt and The Missingmen

01. Intro Jam
02. Can't Stop
03. Dani California
04. Scar Tissue
05. Charlie
06. Fortune Faded
07. Desecration Smile
08. Parallel Universe
09. Snow ((Hey Oh))
10. Blue Sunday (John)
11. 21st Century
12. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
13. Me And My Friends
14. Don't Forget Me
15. C'mon Girl
16. Californication
17. By The Way

18. Drum Solo
19. I'm Eighteen (John & Chad)
20. Soul To Squeeze
21. Sir Psycho Sexy
22. They're Red Hot




For the first time in years, both "Under The Bridge" and "Give It Away" are not on the setlist: "I Could Have Lied" and "Give It Away" were at first on Anthony's handwritten setlist but they eventually changed it at the last minute when they saw in the audience a big poster which mentionned: "Play SIR PSYCHO SEXY please!" (more about this in the reviews). John did "Blue Sunday" by The Doors.


Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [0]Comments)
By Paulina Grabska

I was there with few of my friends and our big wish was to hear "Sir Psycho Sexy" live. That's why I made with my friend a big poster...
so this is me with the poster:
http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/9918/dsc00157xx7.jpg and this is my friend with the back of it:
Here are the pics from the official Stadthalle's site :
During the concert we put this poster several times. when Anthony saw it, he made a quizzical face ;) and when John saw it, he smiled.
The encore: after "Soul to Squeeze" we knew it's the last chance to hear "Sir Psycho Sexy", that's why we put the sign higher. At first they've played two first sounds of it and suddenly they started to play "Sir Psycho"! we were so excited... we turned our poster to the side with "THANKS", John looked at us again and smiled.