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Feb 13, 2003 France Paris Bercy

Support Act: Toilet Boys

01. Intro/By The Way
02. Jam/Scar Tissue
03. Around The World
04. One Day (At A Time)
05. Universally Speaking
06. Suck My Kiss
07. The Zephyr Song
08. If You Have To Ask
09. Parallel Universe
10. Ca Plane Pour Moi (Flea)
11. Otherside
12. Throw Away Your Television/Jam
13. Don't Forget Me
14. London Calling (Intro) / Right On Time
15. Warm Tape
16. Can't Stop
17. Soul To Squeeze
18. Give It Away

19. Drum Solo
20. Under The Bridge
21. Search And Destroy/Long Jam





Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [1]Comments)
By Jonas(mailto:soucilu@hotmail.com)

The opening band was the Toilet Boys, they were like a andrew WK ripoff lead by a tranny. We spent most of the time trying to get closer to the stage, barely listening to the music. I guess you can call them a "fun" band... they had a couple of catchy tunes, mostly about partying. By the end of the show i had gotten as close as i could get, against the security bars, right in the center. I wanted to get more to the right cause I knew that's where John would be but i couldnt get passed the crowd.
We waited about 45 minutes while the sound technicians fucked around. The band finally came on stage. They looked exacly like on TV.. I had this sad-almost crying expression on my face when I saw John and Flea jamming for the intro .. it was just so intense to see them both for real and i realised how lucky i was to had gotten tickets in time.
They played a fucking amazing concert, i couldnt of wished for a better setlist. In between almost every 2 songs they would jam a bit... and that's what i love, when Flea, John and Chad jam and you feel like you are experiencing the creation of music. John came right upclose a couple of times about 2 meters away from where i was standing. The spot light shining behind him made him look like he was some sort of angel.. i'm not close to forgetting that moment.
The end was comming close and they started playing the first notes of "Search and Destroy". I was in heaven because i knew the song would finish in an amazing jam like they always do. It was just so fucking intense.. at one point John was practicly crying on stage as if he was posessed by his own music.
They finished in a beautiful way and left the stage. The lights came back on, and I was braught back to reality.
I turned around to my friend Anthony and hugged him. That concert was surely one of the best times of my life and I'll never forget it.