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Nov 2, 2002 Japan Tokyo Makuhari

01. Jam
02. By The Way/Jam
03. Scar Tissue
04. Around The World
05. Universally Speaking
06. Flea Jam / Otherside
07. Suck My Kiss
08. The Zephyr Song
09. Latest Disgrace (Intro) / Parallel Universe
10. Don't Forget Me
11. If You Have To Ask
12. London Calling (Intro) / Right On Time
13. I Could Have Lied
14. Can't Stop
15. Jam/Californication
16. Venice Queen
17. Give It Away

18. Drums Solo
19. Under The Bridge
20. Me And My Friends





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By Koji

I returned from the trip the day before yesterday. I went to Tokyo (by air) to see the Pepper's show. I went to two shows (11/2, 11/3). Both shows were sold out. I think 10000 capacity each show. Honestly the shows were awesome. I really really enjoyed, moved...I can't say enough,but I'll never forget these experiences. There were no seats...all standing. Anyway I got really low reference number so I saw both shows at first row (in front of John). On the first day (before the show started), Chad suddenly walked around the stage and he shook hand with the audience of the first row (Yes, I shook hand with him!). Both shows were really great but I think "Day 2" is much better...Lots of jams, improvisations...and they did "Suck My Kiss" and "If You Have To Ask" (I think it's one of the best versions I ever heard!). Honestly "By The Way" was not my favorite...but I changed my mind. Some of the songs from "By The Way" were very good, especially "Venice Queen" was very cool.