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Aug 21, 2001 Denmark Parken Parken Stadion

Support Act: Iggy Pop

01. Around The World
02. You're Gonna Get Yours / Give It Away
03. Tiny Dancer (John)
04. Scar Tissue
05. Higher Ground
06. Christine
07. Otherside
08. Forming (John)
09. I Could Have Lied
10. Fortune Faded
11. Californication
12. What Is Soul?
13. Parallel Universe
14. Universally Speaking
15. Right On Time
16. Pea
17. Under The Bridge
18. Me And My Friends

19. The Power Of Equality




Anthony asked everyone to twirl their shirts during "Higher Ground".


Reviews (can be sent via email or online by clicking on the comment box [0]Comments)
By Chilipepz (chilipepz@wanadoo.fr) - (Sorry for the french, I will translate it as soon as I have more time)

Concert excellent dans une salle immense (j'étais à peu près au centre de la salle), même décor qu à V2001 sur la scène, vu de face cette fois, ce qui rend vachement mieux), setlist assez identique aussi mais performance génialissime et bien couillue. Un vrai bonheur avec une séance de t-shirts volants sur “Higher Ground” comme le veut la plus pure tradition pepperienne.
Un super public, des fans visiblement ravis et excités comme des…Flea! John dans son trip à mort comme d'hab, Chad et Flea toujours aussi agités et déconneurs, Anthony plein d'énergie tel le mythique Antwan The Swan du bon vieux temps… Jamais je ne regretterai d'être allée si loin pour les voir. Et en plus un cadeau-bonus: Iggy Pop en première partie (d'ailleurs nos amis les Chilis étaient planqués derrière les amplis sur le côté de la scène pour pouvoir assister à une partie de son set)

By Robin (funkyrobbin@hotmail.com)

I'm gonna tell you my first RHCP live experience.
It all started...Well, my father saw in the news that RHCP was going to play in Copenhagen. I live in the south of Sweden so it's not far away. I skipped school that day and me and my sister took the bridge over to Copenhagen, at about noon. We arrived to Parken in a very big stadium and we waited outside for about 5 hours. I drank some beers and just enjoyed the feeling to see the Chilis.
When the doors opened we ran in and got a good place almost in front of the stage. It took some hours before it all started, first was Iggy Pop and then Pappa Roach....I was just waiting to see the Chilis!
Suddenly it all began, the Chilis were on stage and they played so beautiful. I don't remember so much of the concert because I was tired and a bit drunk but it was a good performance. When RHCP played "Higher Ground", Anthony screamed "Everyone...can you swing your shirts in the air...just like helicopters..." And everyone did. 30 000 people took their shirts off and it was an amazing view....
I would love to see them again in the Roskilde Festival...
I love them!