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Dec 27, 1991 USA Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena

Support Acts: Nirvana & Pearl Jam

Setlist unknown




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The longer we toured, the larger the crowds got. By the time we were scheduled to play the West Coast, we had jumped from theaters to full-fledged arenas, so the promoters felt we needed to add another band that was bigger than Pearl Jam. Nirvana’s second album, Nevermind, had just exploded, and I was crazy about that record, so I suggested we get Nirvana to take Pearl Jam’s place. Eddie and the guys were understanding about it, so Lindy called Nirvana, but their managers told him that they were unavailable. I picked up the phone and called Nirvana’s drummer, Dave Grohl, myself. “Anthony Kiedis! Wow, we love you guys. We grew up listening to you in Seattle,” Dave said. He told me they had just come off a huge tour, and Kurt Cobain was pretty worn out, but he’d try to talk him into doing the West Coast shows. And he did. Nirvana joined the bill, but then Billy Corgan pulled the Smashing Pumpkins off the bill. Apparently, he used to go out with Courtney Love, who was then Kurt’s girlfriend, so he refused to be on the same bill with Nirvana, let alone open for them. So Pearl Jam was back aboard. — Anthony Kiedis