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Oct 7, 1991 USA Los Angeles, CA Music Machine

Support Acts: Buglamp & X

Sunday Morning (John)
After Hours (John)
Under The Bridge
Give It Away



If you have a recording of this show, please contact me. Thanks Dominik.


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By Bill

It was actually a benefit for a sick little girl, but also a release party. Word of it was floated by band members: in my case, Chad told my best friend at the time. The sign outside said "private party" and those in the know who could demonstrate knowledge of what was actually going on could buy tix for I think $12. The Music Machine is VERY small, I'd say <150 people. It was not extremely packed, but a good crowd. Keith Morris' breif-lived band Buglamp opened, followed by an EXCELLENT set from X. Then RHCPs. We had advanced copies of BSSM so knew some of the songs. They played 3-4 songs and they were NOT playing well and the insider-crowd KNEW it and didn't really react too enthusiastically. SO Anthony tossed his head up in the air and walked off stage like a fucking baby. Everyone but Flea and Chad (who were and are very cool) stayed. Anthony came back on, they turned the volume up so loud you couldn't hear shit and a crazy mosh insued. It got really hard core. Flea busted his bass and borrowed John Doe's. It was just crazy all night after that and I'm very glad to have been there. John F did a solo of "Sunday Morning" and that was hilarious because he couldn't sing a note at the time.