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May 29, 1990 USA Dallas, TX Bronco Bowl

Setlist unknown





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The worst incident happened last night (Tuesday) at the Red Hot Chili Peppers show at the Bronco Bowl (a really old, very Texan, entertainment facility with shuffleboard, darts, games, .... and rock concerts). The private security guards and the Dallas police officers at the show were standing on stage with the band through the entire show. Not off to the side, but right smack in the middle of the stage. Loads of people were stage-diving like crazy, some of them off the top of the PA stacks, so the police got nasty. They would grab a diver, shove him/her off to the side of the stage, and then beat them up (not just a quick jab, from what I'm told). Things got worse. People were getting mashed into the front of the stage and were waving for help, so the police started pulling people up out of the crowd to "help" them -- and then they beat them up!! This was too much for the RHCP. Flea stopped a song in the middle and shouted at the police (who were beating up a semi-conscious girl off to the side of the stage), "FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!! That girl passed out, and she's half-dead, and you're beating her up! FUCK YOU PIGS!! FUCK YOU!!!" Fortunately, this caused the police to withdraw to the sides of the stage, where they calmed down a bit and merely threw divers back into the audience.