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Apr 9, 1988 USA San Francisco, CA The Fillmore

Support acts : Primus & Slammin' Watusis

Setlist Unknown



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One of the most violent shows Umlaut has ever experienced. Me and 4 others went to the show in one car... 4/5 of us came out injured in some way. As soon as the Chili Peppers hit the stage all Hell broke loose. One friend was pinned against the stage and suffered bruised ribs. Another was kicked in the face by a stage diver and knocked out cold. A stage diver landed on top of me and broke my glasses. Another friend had his glasses broken as well (Contact lenses are for pussies!). Miraculously, the only person not injured was the guy who drove! A chick wearing a skirt jumped onstage and started dancing and Flea pulled her skirt down and shoved her back into the crowd with his foot. At one point in between songs, Hillel stood at the front of the stage and Anthony told the audience to gob on him, a request that was obliged by many. Two months later I was hanging out with these same people on a sunny afternoon listening to KFJC when they announced Hillel's O.D..