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**Sep 15, 2014:

Welcome to The Side!
The purpose of this website is to be the most complete database about the Red Hot Chili Peppers live performances and anything related to this.
Everybody can share his experience through the Live History section: feel free to send pics, setlists, reviews and they will be up as soon as possible.

I would like more people to contribute though: the site won't grow if I dont get more reviews, tickets, pictures...I need your contribution!
You can also put your comments on almost every section of this site by using the comment boxes. It is easy so please feel free to contribute.
Also, if you like our work, please feel free to make a small donation to support the site by clicking the paypal button at the bottom of the page.
For any questions, suggestions, bugs, e-mail me at skinny_rhcp@yahoo.com.
Hope you have a good time visiting this website.

Note: all images are copyrighted by their respective photographers and/or artists. The Side respect the wishes of all copyright holders so if anyone wishes to have his or her material removed from this site, please e-mail us at the adress below.

"I think if Hillel could look down and see what we're doing today, I think he'd be incredibly proud and happy for us. Because even though he never got to experience this aspect of the dream i think he'd be down for it." - Anthony Kiedis

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